Improve Your Blister Pack Leak Testing Today

We offer multiple solutions for blister pack leak testing at Ascend Packaging Systems. We look at your needs and the requirements of your production, and recommend the leak testing equipment that will work best for you. For example, the Sepha VisionScan 3D is a tool-less, non-destructive leak detection device designed specifically for pharmaceutical blister packs with all foil types. It is a prime alternative to tests, like blue dye baths and other destructive options.

Using the latest in camera technology, the VisionScan 3D provides a clear pass or fail result for each blister package, down to the exact cavity where a leak exists. The pack being tested is not damaged or harmed. Your good tablets can be put back on the production line. This simple but vital non-destructive element saves significant money and time while removing headaches from your leak detection process.