Innovative Tablet Count Verification Machines

In our industry, it is critical that each bottle is filled with the required number of tablets or capsules. Bottle filling machines do a great job of this.  However, Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requires packagers to also have a quality process in place to check and verify that the count is correct.  Ascend Packaging Systems offers innovative equipment to speed up and optimize that verification process.  These affordable machines now make it practical to have this advanced QA technology on each bottle packaging line in your facility.

VIVID LITE is an innovative tablet count verification machine designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging facilities quickly, accurately, and efficiently verify the count of product in a bottle. Fast, reliable, and easy to use, VIVID LITE is perfect for any facility size. The system features a compact design that fits on any countertop or work surface. Its user interface is equipped with advanced technologies that accurately detect and display the exact count of tablets present in each bottle.