The Tomcat 1210: A Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Ascend Packaging Systems’s Tomcat 1210 is a fully automatic bottle filling machine specifically designed for counting and filling bottles with tablets, capsules, and softgels. The Tomcat 1210 has been manufactured with the best capabilities of the Tomcat 1200, making it accurate and efficient. The Tomcat 1210 bottle filling machine is available with various conveyor options that move correctly filled bottles off the line and place empty bottles under the filling station, counting and filling the next bottle quickly. This machine is also equipped with a rejection sensor that detects faults during bottle filling. If there’s a filling error, the bottle is rejected from the line to ensure the finished product is filled with an accurate count of quality tablets, capsules, or softgels. This versatile automatic bottle filling machine can also count translucent softgels and dusty tablets efficiently. Other counters on the market have trouble counting unique products, but with the Tomcat 1210, you get an accurate count every time.